Fitness Supplements

An Introduction to Whey Protein

For first time users, knowing how to utilize supplements can be a little difficult – even confusing. It is important to know when to use them, as well as how much of a certain product you should use each time.

Understanding the supplements available to you can provide you with a significant boost in your performance and recovery.


Those newly interested in supplements should already have an established workout regimen in place when they begin. Four to six weeks of consistent training is a good benchmark for when someone should start supplementation. Why?

This is when your skeletal muscle becomes primed and most ready to undergo hypertrophy, or in simpler terms, most ready to grow. This is when you’ll be able to get the most value and effect out of your supplements.

If you’re looking for a starting off point, the one supplement every serious lifter needs is Whey Protein. This is the watery portion of the milk that separates from curds when making cheese. It is the key ingredient in most protein powders you’ll find on the market (and for good reason). It has the quickest absorption rate of any type of protein, making it crucial for post-workout nutrition.


Did you know that when you exercise, you’re breaking down and damaging your muscle tissue? Whoa. This doesn’t build the muscle itself, but rather puts the body in a state where it can undergo hypertrophy. The period immediately after a workout is when the skeletal muscle tissue is most primed for change.

It’s crucial for muscle tissue to get the proper proteins and amino acids during this two-hour “anabolic window” in order to maximize the growth and recovery of muscle. Whey Protein is the only protein option that the body can absorb in that short period of time, making it the superior choice for lifters and world-class athletes.


Whey protein is most often taken in the form of a shake. We recommend mixing one to two scoops of whey with milk or water twenty to thirty minutes following a workout to maximize recovery and muscle growth. Whey can also be used to flavor oats, yogurt, or as a substitute in your favorite baking recipes.

The possibilities are endless – check out our products today.