Historical Uses of CBD

6,000 BCE. Ancient China
○ Used cannabis plants as a source of food but mainly became for medicine.

2737 BCE. Emperor Shen-Neng is the first known person to use as medicine.
○ He discovered that the CBD found in Cannabis plants treated his rheumatism and gout pains.

Between 2000 and 1000 BCE. Ancient India
○ Cannabis plants were used in annual celebrations and religious ceremonies.
○ It was the main ingredient in Soma, a drink used in religious ceremonies and Bhang another drink used for celebrations.
○ Bhang was also used to treat medical issues once it’s healing properties were discovered.

1279-1213 BCE. Ancient Egypt
○ Pharaoh Ramses II promoted the use of Cannabis medicine throughout his empire.
○ The oils from Cannabis plants were buried with him in his tomb because he found them to be so useful.
○ They believed Cannabis plants helped to treat inflammation, labor pains, sore eyes, and hemorrhoids.

200 BCE. Ancient Greece
○ Cannabis leaves were used to treat human nosebleeds and sores on horses.
○ They used the seeds to treat people suffering from tapeworms.
○ Soldiers after battle would use the plant in steam baths to help soothe their pain.
○ The leaves and seeds were also used in drinks to treat constipation and inflammation.

77 AD. Ancient Rome
○ Romans used parts of the Cannabis plant for general pain relief and to remove bugs from the ears
○ Also used the Cannabis plant to treat headaches, dehydration, and stomach pains.